Spares2go Hoover Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner (Pack of 10)

Spares2go Hoover Bags for Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner (Pack of 10)
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  • Replacement Dust Bags made for Spares2go to fit Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 10)
  • Fits Models: MC-E1000, MC-E1010, MC-E60, MC-E61, MC-E62, MC-E650, MC-E652, MC-E655, MC-E70, MC-E700, MC-E7000, MC-E7010, MC-E7100, MC-E7110, MC-E7120, MC-E7120B, MC-E7121, MC-E7130, MC-E7140, MC-E730, MC-E735, MC-E736, MC-E737, MC-E740, MC-E7400, MC-E741, MC-E743, MC-E746, MC-E747, MC-E750, MC-E751, MC-E752, MC-E770, MC-E771, MC-E775, MC-E778, MC-E778K, MC-E781, MC-E80, MC-E800, MC-E850, MC-E851, MC-E852, MC-E860, MC-E861, MC-E862, MC-E863, MC-E864, MC-E865, MC-E867,
  • MC-E870, MC-E871, MC-E873, MC-E873K, MC-E875, MC-E88, MC-E880, MC-E96, MC-E960, MC-E962, MC-E970, MC-E971, MC-E973, MC-E975, MC-E977, MC-E980, MC-E983, MC-E985, MC-E985R
  • Product features: Each bag has a solid retaining collar - Dimensions: Height: 260mm, Width: 170mm, Collar Height: 110mm, Collar Width: 90mm, Hole Diameter: 45mm
  • **Please note: all dimensions indicated in this ad are approximate and may vary slightly from indicated measurements. They are included as a guideline to assist you in selecting the right part for your machine** High quality, fully compatible replacement / spare bags